Turbine Starters

The PRQ series air and gas starter for gas turbine engines has a wide range of torque for various starting requirements.

PRQ Turbine starters are the newest addition to the line. Models are available to accommodate engines from 500 CID Diesel (8.25 liters diesel) to 12,000 CID Diesel ( 200 liters diesel). All PRQ starters are gas sealed and will crank gas engines to twice the displacement of diesel engines. (Gas engines have one half the compression ratios of Diesel engines).


Inertia Drive


Overhung PreEngaged Drive


Inertia Drive

The 22 series turbines will start diesel engines up to 22 liters (1333 CID), twice the displacement for gas. The 22 is only available in right handed rotation. There is both an inertia drive model as well as an overhung pre-engaged. The overhung model allows for the use of smaller diameter pinions that are often used with European and Asian engine ring gears.

The inertia drive models are able to accommodate 6/8 and 8/10 pitch ring gears found on North American engines.


  • Starters for gas turbine engines
  • Pre-engaged dentil drives
  • Separate drive inserts
  • Less airflow required than turbine starters
  • Designed for maximum mounting flexibility, housing may be independently positioned with respect to each other.

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