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Whether you use a primary or standby power generator, you need to be reliable. However, a number of factors can cause damage to your engines or stop completely. Wings has a variety of products that can help improve the reliability of your engines to ensure easy access to power at all times:


    Diesel powered gensets are often used to provide prime or standby power for:

    • Banks.
    • Hospitals.
    • Data-centres.
    • Telecoms centres.
    • Airports.
    • Railway terminals.
    • Military sites.
    • Building sites.
    • Remote holiday sites.
    • Off grid communities.

      cold temperatures can slowly start your generator, affecting its full load capacity. Hotstart engine heaters preheat your engines, making it easier and faster to start, delivering full power fast and reducing engine wear, emissions and fuel consumption.

      a regular supply of diesel may not always be available. Wings has a range of products that can help you move to hybrid power generation, reducing your reliance on the fuel.
      Under normal storage conditions, diesel fuel is expected to remain for 6-12 months in a usable condition. After that, contamination from three main sources begins: water, microbial growth and solid particulate matter. This can block fuel filters, damage fuel injectors and make the engine fail completely. Wings has a variety of solutions that can eliminate fuel contamination and keep your diesel to EN 590.

      According to Noria( the industry body promoting better lubrication practices), 80% of motor failures can be attributed to contaminated oils. Wings have a real-time bypass and monitoring packages that can give your oil a voice and extend its life by up to four times.

      Belly tank:
      ClearTank Mobile Cleaning Buggies


      Bridge/Control room:

      ATEX Approved Air Start System
      ATEX Approved Hydraulic Start System
      ATEX Approved Hydraulic & Air Starter Motors
      Battery Charger
      Battery Heater
      OilLife Bypass Oil Filter
      OilAlert Oil Condition Sensor
      GAC Electronic Governor
      Fuel Purifier
      Engine Oil Heater
      Engine Coolant Heater
      Parker Racor Fuel Filtration


      Fire Pump & Pump:
      Fire Pump Controller
      Pump Controller
      Genset Controller

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