Fuel Filtration

Griffin Group is a Global provider of products and services for the filtration industry, utilizing
proprietary filtration technology MICROBLOC® used exclusively by Griffin filtration systems.
MICROBLOC® Multi-Grade Filtration Media Elements have tested 99.8% effective in
separating water from fuel and can remove solid contaminants as small as two microns in
Griffin manufactures proprietary line of filtration systems for the worldwide market as well
as OEM/OES products in their own factory. ISO 9001:2015-certified, factory capabilities
include production lines for die-casting, plastic injection, and filtration products include
filter components, filter elements, as well as complete filters and water separator systems.


Griffin GRE300

Griffin GBA45

Griffin GBA70

Griffin GBA100

Griffin G57B

Griffin G57A

Griffin G370

Griffin GP60

Griffin GP114

Griffin GP169

Griffin G350

Griffin GP350

Griffin GP360

Griffin G360

Griffin G454

Griffin GP454

Griffin G170

Griffin GP170

Griffin G227

Griffin GP227

Griffin G341

Griffin GP341

Griffin G460

Griffin GLS5000

Griffin GFS3000DM

Griffin GFS5000DM

Griffin GFS5000

Griffin GTB681TM

Griffin GTB681DM

Griffin GTB341DM

Griffin GTB341

Griffin GTB455DM

Griffin GTB455

Griffin GTB228DM

Griffin GTB228

Griffin GTB681TM-MAS

Griffin GTB681DM-MAS

Griffin GTB681MAS

Griffin GTB341DM-MAS

Griffin GTB341MAS

Griffin GTB455DM-MAS

Griffin GTB455MAS

Griffin GTB228DM-MAS

Griffin GTB228MAS

Griffin GTB681DM-MAC

Griffin GTB681MAC

Griffin GTB341DM-MAC

Griffin GTB341MAC

Griffin GTB455DM-MAC

Griffin GTB455MAC

Griffin GTB228DM-MAC

Griffin GTB228MAC

Griffin GTB681TM-S4MA

Griffin GTB681DM-S4MA

Griffin GTB681S4MA

Griffin GTB341DM-S4MA

Griffin GTB341S4MA

Griffin GTB455DM-S4MA

Griffin GTB455S4MA

Griffin GTB228DM-S4MA

Griffin GTB228S4MA

Griffin GGF502905B-MAC

Griffin GGF502905B

Griffin GGF35MAC

Griffin GGF35

Griffin GGF340MAC

Griffin GGF340

Griffin GGF227MAC

Griffin GGF227

Griffin GGF114MAC

Griffin GGF114

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